London Motor Show Here We Come

London Motor Show Logo 24.2.16_MASTERMen&Motors is back and will be filming at the London Motor Show on 5th May 2016 for its forthcoming series pilot. Star hosts Shane Lynch (Boyzone fame) and Torie Campbell (CNBC’s One Second in F1 racing) will be covering the show and interviewing the motoring elite. The two-man film crew and supporting cast includes ‘Bloxed Beat’ who are the Men&Motors in-house ‘musical improvisation’ beat box group. The new M&M Show being planned is proposed for broadcast in 2017. The Show is targeted at ‘late teens to 30 Cools’.

M&M will introduce many new and exciting features, games and an all action line-up of an adrenaline paced show. The show will not just feature cars but introduce a cross selection of other motoring mayhem from all aspects of motor driven vehicles from ‘land sea and air’ both real and virtual.

Men&Motors launched in 1996 as a joint venture between Granada and ITV, Men&Motors grew to be one of the UK’s most popular and celebrated channels. Broadcasting motoring content on satellite and cable television for 14 years peaking at over 700,000 views per show. The channel help launch the TV careers of Richard Hammond, John Inverdale, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kelly Brook and Katie Price to name just a few and featured shows such as ‘Two Wheels Extra’, ‘The Motor Show’, ‘Model Motors’, ‘Classic Motors’, ‘Car File’, ‘Four Wheels’, ‘Trucks’, ‘Kits’n’Cruisin’, ‘Concept Cars’, ‘The 100 Most Popular Cars Ever’, ‘Dream Deals’ and  ‘Motor Week’. After 14 Years on screen ITV’s focus changed to their own brand and in 2010 Men&Motors gave way to a ITV HD channel.

In 2012 Men&Motors was bought by One Media iP Group Plc and relaunched on YouTube. The channel now features over 6,500 motoring videos achieving circa half-a- million weekly views to over 55,000 subscribers. The Men&Motors video library forms one of the most comprehensive automotive archives from this period and has been painstakingly digitised to ensure fans can continue to enjoy it in this digital age.